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    Journalist or editor? Are you working in the media? Please contact us and make an appointment for an interview and/or visit.

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    Street 12
    9000 Ghent

    Phone: + 32 (0) 497 24 55 30
    Email: office@ghentinmotion.be

    Ghent in Motion has been in the press for several times . Our audiovisual tour was picked up by national and international media. Some references.

    “Famous Ghentians were present at the Première of Ghentian
    10/11/2018-The latest news

    “Ghentian finally premiered”
    08/11/2018-The latest news

    “Gent from the Air”
    06/01/2018-The news sheet

    “Ghent in Motion has successor”
    05/01/2018-The latest news

    “New series” Ghent in Motion’-movies massively watched “
    11/09/2015-The news sheet

    “Ghent in Motion: ‘ The most epic film about Ghent ever ‘ launched “
    02/05/2015-Knack Weekend

    “From now on sale: ‘ East West, Gent best-tiles ‘
    01/03/2015 – The Ghentse

    “The first ten minutes of the ‘ most spectacular film about Ghent ever ‘”
    02/02/2015 – The Ghentse

    “Record d’affluence pour le Festival de la lumière de Gand”
    02/02/2015 – RTBF

    “In The Picture: Light Festival Ghent”
    30/01/2015 – the Editors

    “Ghent in Motion light tip of Veil”
    30/01/2015 – the latest news

    “AVS follows Ghent in Motion this evening”
    30/01/2015 – AVS

    “Den Arun” is the Light Festival in Ghent “
    29/01/2015 – the morning

    “Ghent in Motion, now also on wheels at DOCK”
    24/01/2015 – The Ghentse

    “Ghent in Motion almost canned”
    02/01/2015 – the latest news

    “Why Light festivals are hot”
    23/01/2015 – Knack Weekend

    “Light Festival receives 44 artists”
    10/12/2014 – the latest news

    “Spectacular look back on the roof terrace of the tomb stone”
    18/11/2014 – The Ghentse

    “Mayor Daniel Tae ‘ buried”
    08/11/2014 – VTM News

    “Mayor Tae in grave worn in Ghent”
    08/11/2014 – the Editors

    “Ghent Mayor Tae ‘ Buried ‘”

    06/11/2014 – De Morgen

    “Call: Come mayor Daniël Tae ‘ buried ‘”

    06/11/2014 – the Ghentse

    “Temporary roof terrace on tomb Stone has been demolished”

    27/10/2014 – the Ghent

    “Tomb Stone has temporarily the most beautiful roof terrace
    of Ghent”

    10/10/2014 – the

    “The drone does it again: Gent in 50 seconds breathtaking images”
    02/10/2014 – The Ghentse

    “Near Bijgaardepark derails shows itself filming for Ghent in Motion”
    31/05/2014 – The Ghentse

    “Clips about Ghent fall into prizes at Video Festival”

    31/05/2014 – The Gentry

    “Rabottorens in ‘ Ghent in Motion ‘ MovieClip”

    14/05/2014 – Friends of the Rabot

    “Interior architect turns short film about Lamb of God

    29/04/2014 – The Ghentse

    “Michael Tiger challenges students”
    17/02/2014 – Scornful

    Love Chain on Minne’s bridge falls into the water
    14/02/2014 – The Ghentse

    “Gent wants to make today the biggest love chain”

    14/02/2014 – the Ghent

    “Goal: Make most watched film about Ghent”
    27/12/2013 – The Ghentse

    “Ghent in Motion wants all the Gents in timelapse-film”
    26/12/2013 – the latest news

    “Ghent is lead actor, setting and subject in new film”
    24/12/2013 – Flanders Today

    “Ghent in Motion wants all city-mates at timelapse-film”

    24/12/2013 – the editors

    “Ghent in Motion”

    24/12/2013 – AVS